Our - History and Milestones

Within a short period of time, Shilpin has succeeded in offering its quality solutions and services for successful execution of many engagements. These engagements have been performed at many trans national and multinational organizations across the Telecom and IT industries.

LTE 4G Implementation : Shilpin has delivered Service Provisioning and Mediation solution for one of the largest telecom operator in India. The solution includes development of various NEIs and streams for managing traffic from various Network Elements.

MNP Implementation :Shilpin has provided end to end Mediation solution for leading Telco operator in India for Launching of MNP services as per Telecom Regulatory policy. Shilpin under the contract was also responsible for providing the 1st and 2nd line support for this project.

Billing System Up-gradation : Shilpin, in alliance with its partner, secured a project for the upgrading BSCS-Vii into BSCS IxR2 for MTN, Syria . Shilpin has provided it's product expertise for Requirement gathering and Data Migration end to end testing which resulted meeting up specific goals for Operational performance.

Billing System Migration : Shilpin, in alliance with a business partner, has participated in end to end activities for migrating of BSCS-VI billing system into Amdocs's CES 7.5 billing system. Our team has participated in U2U/B2B testing of modules which involved Services, Rating , Billing , Roaming and Tariffs.

ADM Support for Mobile Operators : Shilpin is working closely with a large IT Services company which has been awarded the Strategic Outsourcing contract for supporting ADM services for one of the largest operator in Schengen region. Shilpin's role involves providing specialized skills in the areas of Mediation, Provisioning, AMDOCS Bill Formatter, NABS, CSM and Oracle OSM.

Mediation Implementation : Shilpin, in alliance with a business partner, has successfully implemented Mediation system for one of the largest operator in Middle East. The project involves development of various complex streams for handling different traffic types on new mediation platform.

DSLAM Service Implementation : Shilpin was selected for outsourcing software development services by one of its partners for implementation of DSLAM Services for North African based Telco operator. Shilpin has not only developed the system but also provided the support and maintenance of the system.