Our newly formed division focuses on full time recruitment activities for the IT Industry.

    The genesis of this division is that the IT industry is going through a paradigm shift wherein the advent of cutting edge technologies is replacing the low-skilled human jobs mainly concentrated in the areas of maintenance and operations.

    However, the most sought after skills are the ones with significant experience in software development coupled with technical expertise in Business Applications or a very strong background in functional area within an Industry.


    This new demand dynamics have exacerbated the crunch for talent available in the industry and there is a limited pool available to tap into.

    Because of our extensive experience in developing a niche consulting pool over the years of our existence, we have perfected the art of Identifying, Attracting, Sourcing and Acquiring this talent from the industry.


    However, each skilled resource has a unique aspiration and an entrenched career path and our traditional business does not necessary serve this purpose for all skilled resources we come across.


    However, with our "Recruitment Services" we are able to fulfill this gap in the aspirations of the talented resources.

Hence, we have a dedicated division that Fulfills (F), Acquires (A), Sources (S), Talent (T), from across the Industry to help talent meet its potential in the form of career paths with our customers.