Our - Values

At Shilpin, we recognize people as our key asset. That's why we have developed numerous programs and practices that demonstrate our commitment to attracting the most competent and highly motivated professionals globally.
Our aim is to bring consistency to the way we recruit, motivate and develop talent. We make every effort to create a working culture and environment that inspires our people to a rewarding career with us.
We set high benchmarks for ourselves and our organizational ethos are:
Respect differences : a principle, which is strongly reflected in our diverse employee base from different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds.

A fair performance management process :that evaluates our employees based on what they do and how they do it.

Career flexibility :through clearly defined Band structure that focus on a combination of domain expertise, technical competence, interpersonal skills and management capability.

Learning & development opportunities : o establish a more 360o approach toward professional development. Our definition of this 360o approach encompasses development of three key skills among our employees: Technical, Industry/ client business knowledge and Leadership & Soft Skills.

Rewards & recognition : programs to acknowledge those individuals who believe and demonstrate our ethos to deliver outstanding results for our customers.

Professional interest communities and networks : promoting and fostering an environment wherein free flow of ideas and knowledge can take place between all employees and management alike.

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all our employees, a healthy and safe working environment and programs that encourage better work-life balance that leads to improved employee performance and greater professional contentment.