Shilpin - Brand and Background

Shilpin Consulting was formed in May 2007 to provide service to the growing & challenging needs of the IT industry globally. With both the founders having more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry, with rich pedigree of global best practices having worked in the US and EMEA, they founded theirs with Shilpin.

Shilpin in Sanskrit means an “Architect” or a “Sculptor”. An architect by employing knowledge of various techniques and a sense of artistry can build a revolutionary structure.
New age demands a similar vision for evolving business models and innovations. The core of our business lies in the passion to create and innovate and we take pride in proclaiming that we are the sculptors of the new economy.

Our mission is denoted by our logo, which shows that ShilpinTM provides the wings for the customers to soar higher to newer heights and to our employees to take off on a career path where sky is the limit.